Bayside Woodland

a Bayside church in Woodland, CA

BRIX: Building Roots In Christ

What is BRIX?
In 2010 our Pastoral Staff and Leadership Team began praying about next steps for Bayside Woodland. We sensed a strong prompting from the Lord to begin moving towards a new home for Bayside Woodland. Our vision is to provide services to our community – including:

  • After-school homework assistance
  • Art and music classes
  • Training in computer technology
  • After-school sports
  • Hot meals for families

This step would also provide us with a 24/7 location to expand the Children’s, Youth, Men’s, Women’s, and Singles’ ministries of our church.

If you consider Bayside Church-Woodland to be your home, please join us in praying for these 3 Key Areas:

  • Pray for our Building Search Team to find the right building for us to lease.
  • Commit to helping our building fund reach $250K for construction and furnishings for our facility.
  • Continue your faithful financial support of Bayside Woodland.


BRIX UPDATE:  3/19/2013
The search continues. Trying to find an existing building that will meet all the needs we are hoping to address has proven to be quite a task. We’re looking for something close to the following:

  • Approx. 14,000 to 16,000 sq. ft.
  • Initial monthly rent of approx. $4500
  • Would consider a central location if it presented itself, but preference is the East side of town because there are less churches on east end of town and most new development is and will be on the east end.

The majority of available space in Woodland is industrial space, which consists primarily of wide open warehouses. The tenant improvement costs for such spaces would be astronomical. So we continue to pray and seek God’s direction for the right place to present itself. Please continue to pray with us!

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