A Network of Care and Support

Bayside’s Care Network is here to help you make lemonade out of life’s lemons.  With our caring network of helpful resources, pragmatic support, and trained volunteers, you do not have to go through challenging circumstances or transitional periods without the support of your community.

Serving Spoons:  During difficult times of grief or transition, a hot, home-cooked meal can make a world of difference. The purpose of Serving Spoons is to provide practical help for people during trying times by way of preparing delicious, homemade meals and delivering it to one’s doorstep.

Prayer Team:  Prayer changes things.  If you want a team of steadfast prayer warriors to pray for you or someone you know, our Prayer Ministry Team is here. Prayer can bring lasting peace during tumultuous times. Our prayer team is devoted to lift you up in wholehearted prayer, while respecting the importance of confidentiality.

Have a prayer request?  Contact the church office and they will provide you with a contact person from the prayer team.

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