At Bayside Church-Woodland we want to make every person feel unconditionally welcomed, accepted, and valued. Whether it’s a friendly greeting, great refreshments, or sharing information, this team strives to make YOU feel right at home here at Bayside.

If you love being around people and helping them get connected, then you should be part of this important team.

See below for some of the great ways you can get involved with our guest services team.

For more information, feel free to email us at

Parking Lot Crew: Parking Lot crew members are the first contact for our guest. They welcome people to Bayside with a smile and directions to parking spaces, the service, or children’s ministry.

Greeters & Ushers: Greeters welcome people to our services with a smile and offer them a bulletin. Ushers help people find seats in our service and assist with collecting offering and handing out giveaways. Greeters & Ushers also need to be able to answer basic questions about what Bayside provides and where people can find what they need such as children’s ministry, the welcome center, restrooms and refreshments.

Welcome Center: Our Welcome Center is the information hub for Bayside. Those who serve in the Welcome Center take care of the set-up and clean-up of the center and provide visitors with information, help them sign up for events, offer them free resources, connect people with the Pastors and key ministry leaders and sell tickets or cds.

Refreshment Team: Each week at Bayside we provide coffee and snacks for those attending our service. Our refreshment team sets-up and cleans-up the refreshments area. Their responsibilities include making coffee, filling the water, keeping the coffee condiments stocked, and arranging the snacks provided by many of our refreshments volunteers each week. Those who bring snacks are asked to bring 3-4 dozen treats (finger foods) for people to enjoy.