Bayside Woodland

a Bayside church in Woodland, CA

ASPIRE Singles

Join us in an authentic community of single people who are
connecting with God and each other in a safe and friendly
environment to experience the personal and spiritual
growth we all seek.



Second Sundays

Join us for Second Sundays each month!  We gather for fun and fellowship after the second service on the Second Sunday of each month at a local restaurant. We also schedule other additional activities throughout the year.

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or Facebook at Bayside Woodland Singles


Bayside Woodland’s 11 Commandments for a healthy Single’s Ministry:

1. Do not ask a person out when you do not have a relationship.  This ministry is not a marriage market.

2. Do not presume someone is hitting on you when they are just being nice.  Recognize that people here are friendly.

3. Practice personal boundaries.  Just say, “No” Do not say “Yes” when you mean no.  Be polite, yet honest.

4. Do not gossip.  Do not say things that divide people.  Instead, encourage one another and build each other up.

5. One may not date at all until their divorce is legal and final.  Dating someone while a divorce is pending is considered adultery.

6. One should not participate in Singles Ministry until their divorce is legal and final.  Exceptions can be made.  To seek an exception, please discuss this matter personally with Pastor Brett Smith.

7. Honor the privacy of others.  No personal information may be used for any reason without  permission.

8. Do not pursue anyone for personal gain.  Seeking assistance is encouraged, however, there is a fine line between taking advantage of someone and seeking the assistance of another.

9.   We do not promote personal events.  If you would like to organize events, please work with the  Bayside office staff.

10. Everyone participates.  Singles Ministry is like a parade.  One may watch it, or participate in it.    Your participation in some way is very important to the health and effectiveness of our Ministry.

11. Do not give advice, dominate the conversation or interrupt others.  Listen and share appropriately.  You do, however have the right to remain silent.


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