Bayside Woodland

a Bayside church in Woodland, CA


Our Care Team hopes to demonstrate loving care for those in need within the Bayside Woodland family as well as our community. This ministry serves and supports through the following areas: Prayer Team (short and long-term prayer support), Serving Spoons Team (on-site meals and food support), and Visitation Team (home, hospital, and elder care visitation support). For more information, or if you or someone you know is in need, feel free to contact our team via email at


Serving Spoons Ministry

The purpose of Serving Spoons is to provide practical help for people during a time of need by way of providing a meal and delivering it to their home. Do you like to cook? Then this could be the ministry for you. If you are interested please contact Charrel Spoon at 530-661-7063 or


Prayer Ministry Team

Prayer changes things! Prayer is such a vital part of the Church. More members are needed to pray for our church and those having difficulties. If you have a heart for prayer and confidentiality is a strong attribute of yours, please contact Bob Neumann at 530-908-5748 or via email at

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