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Spiritual Growth

We strongly believe that in order to grow in our relationship with Christ, it takes more than just attending our Sunday services. Below you will find a brief description of some of the ways we try to encourage people to invest in their relationship with Christ on more than one day a week. For more information on any of these ministries contact Brett Smith at 530-406-1134 or

NEXT: You raised your hand, so what’s NEXT?

You made a life-changing decision that will start you on the greatest adventure of your life! We here at Bayside want to help you get off to a great start as you begin this new relationship with Jesus Christ. Now that you’ve started on this journey, you’ll probably have some questions along the way. That’s why we’d like to invite you to join us for NEXT! It’s a one-time seminar where we unpack the essentials of Christianity. We cover topics like prayer, baptism, and the Bible. It’s a relaxed and comfortable time where questions are welcomed and discussed. Lunch is also provided. We periodically schedule the NEXT seminar based on sign ups received at the “I Raised MyHand” table. So if you’re interested in attending NEXT, sign up. For more information, contact Brett Smith at 530-406-1134 or


SPLASH:Baptism at Bayside Woodland

SPLASH is our baptism celebration here at Bayside. Our baptisms follow the pattern in scripture that indicates a full water immersion in a public setting. It’s a great celeration recognizing the change God has made in your life! These celerations are scheduled periodically throughout the year. If you have any questions about baptism or would be interested in being baptized, sign up at the “I Raised My Hand” table on Sundays. For more information, please feel free to call the church office at 406-1134.


The Baysics

The Baysics are a series of seminars (#101, #201, #301 and #401) that unpack the mission and vision of Bayside Church of Woodland to Connect, Grow, Serve, and Reach. Please plan to join us for these special events!
Find out more about The Baysics


Life Groups

Here at Bayside Woodland, we want your life group experience to lead to deep rooted relationships with God and each other. That requires more than just a once a week bible study. Our life groups are designed in way to be a
functioning example of the mission and vision of our church to Connect, Grow, Serve, and Reach by…
► Building relationships of support and encouragement with one another.
► Learning more about God through prayer and Bible study.
► Finding ways to serve one another
► Reaching out with Christ’s love to others.

We have a variety of groups for you to choose from! Find out more about our life groups…


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