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Life Groups

Here at Bayside Woodland, we want your life group experience to lead to deep rooted relationships. That requires more than just a once a week bible study. Our life groups are designed in ways to be a functioning example of the mission and vision of our church to Connect, Grow, Serve, and Reach by…

► Building relationships of support and encouragement with one another.
► Learning more about God  through prayer and Bible study.
► Finding ways to serve one another.
► Reaching out with Christ’s love to others.

We have a variety of groups for you to choose from! Take a few moments and look over our current roster of open groups. If you see one that interests you, simply contact the point person listed to find out more and get connected.
At Bayside Woodland we encourage folks to look at our life group options as a buffet…perhaps visit a few different groups to get a “taste” of what they offer. Find the one that most feels like home for you and plug in.

For more information, stop by our Welcome Center on Sundays or contact Brett Smith at 530-406-1134 or

Young Couples Small Group (6:30pm)
Brett & Molly Smith

Men’s Small Group (6:30pm)
Brett Smith

Kritscher Small Group (7 pm)
Steve & Yvonne Kritscher

Women’s Morning Group (9:30 am)
Yvonne Kritscher

Women’s Evening Group (6:30 pm)
Yvonne Kritscher

Men’s Small Group (7 pm)
Byron Hendrick

Williams Small Group (7pm)
Lonnie & Jennifer Williams

Wirtz Small Group (7 pm)
Rich Wirtz

Worley Small Group (7 pm)
Doug Worley

Ferguson Small Group (7pm)
Ted Ferguson

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