Service changes lives. When you decide to serve others, the influence of your service not only transforms you, it also changes those you serve, and those who bear witness.  Service can happen anywhere—in church, the local community, or around the world. Find what inspires you!

In the Church:  Bayside flourishes because of volunteer support.  From music production to guest services to childcare, our needs are as diverse as the people who attend our services.  What excites you? Find out how to get involved and serve others in our church community.

In the Community:  Serving our local community is a top priority for Bayside Woodland. Our goal is to fully participate in our local population, by not only meeting the needs of our community through service, but by going above-and-beyond to provide fun special events and safe activities for the whole family to enjoy throughout the year such as our annual Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Movies in the Park, Staycation, and Christmas Tree Lighting.

In the World: In collaboration with non-profit groups like Global Partnership and Compassion International, we seek to meet the physical and spiritual needs of vulnerable families and children around the world.  In addition, our Mexico Outreach Ministry partners with other churches to send teams of high school and college students on an extraordinary week of serving our brothers and sisters in Mexico.



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