Discover how to Connect, Grow, Serve and Reach at Bayside Church – Woodland!


The BAYSICS are a series of seminars (#101, #201, #301, and #401) that unpack the

mission and vision of Bayside Church-Woodland to Connect, Grow, Serve, and Reach.


In Baysics #101, we unpack what it means to Connect with God and each other.  We discuss the basic beliefs of Christianity as well as who we are as a church.  Are you new to Bayside and want to find out more about us?  Have you been attending for a while and want to make this your church home (PARTNERSHIP/MEMBERSHIP)?  Then this seminar is for you!  Get to know God and get to know Bayside Woodland.


(For those who have completed Baysics #101)

In Baysics #201, we unpack what it means to Grow in faith and character.  Have you ever wondered if there’s more to learning about God than just going to church on Sunday mornings?  Perhaps you know there is, but just don’t know what to do.  In order for your relationship with Christ to grow, you must invest in it, but how?  In this seminar, we will provide you with several tools that can enable you to mature in your spiritual journey.  Learn about: how to study the Bible, what spiritual practices work best for you, and the importance of small groups.


(For those who have completed Baysics #201)

In Baysics #301, we unpack what it means to Serve one another and the community.  God has created each of us with our own unique purpose.  In this two-day seminar we work through a process to discover our unique S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences).  Together we will discover how God uniquely created you to serve others in the church and the community.  Come find out what God’s design is for you.


(For those who have completed Baysics #301)

In Baysics #401, we unpack what it means to Reach out with Christ’s love.  The single greatest gift we can give to our friends and family is an introduction to the God who created them, loves them, and has a purpose for their lives.  Learn how to: develop friendships with people far from God, discover the stories behind their life’s journey, and discern what “next steps” will help point them to faith.  Pointing people to faith is something all of us can do.

For more on The Baysics, please stop by the Welocme Center on Sundays or contact Cory Johnson at 530-406-1134 or